Summer in Poland

The best adventurous times in Poland are in the Summer. Summer starts June 24th with the shortest night and the Kupala celebration with dance and singing around bomb fire. It ends on September 1, when all the kids start new school year.

With so many places to discover in Poland, Summer flies by. Growing up in a big and modern city, Gdynia, my Summers were always in the woods, on country roads, and Auto-Stop travels. Summer for me is filled with the scent of herbs and wild flowers, Polskie drogi (country roads) and working on the farms for some money to continue travels or just for food. These were the times when you met strange people who become your friends for a life time. 

But not every Summer in Poland was a good one, just in the middle of summer, August 1, we remember 1944 Warsaw Uprising (Powstanie Warszawskie). At 17:00 battalions of citizens and young kids that were often around 7-11 years old fought against German occupation. They fought until October 2, "The Diamond Weapons"- youth of Warsaw .


Today if you will visit Poland on August 1 in every city you will hear sirens to honor lives and effort of those who fought that middle Summer of 1944. When my daughter Michelle and I traveled to Poland in 2018 we came just in time to Torun  to attend the memorial in Old City Square Rynek with a young man playing beautiful pieces of Chopin music. You can hear this in the video attached.




If you will visit Warsaw, please make time to visit Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego (Museum of Warsaw Uprising.)


Spite the fact of horrific history, today you will find so much fun and enjoyment when spending your summer in Poland. You will learn about those hard times as Polish people will never allow history to be forgotten. You can choose different configuration of mountains, great lakes of Mazury or fantastic beaches in Northern part of Poland near Baltic Sea. Poland is beautiful and worth exploring


Poland is a very interesting country filled with culture, fresh food and remarkable history. I would definitely encourage that you take a visit and make your own memories. Poland will always be in my heart.