Good times in Poland part I.

In August of 2018, I traveled across Poland to find more beautiful products to bring back to the US. This included going to the Ceramic Festival in Boleslawiec. I was able to meet fascinating people and hear many wonderful stories. As you can imagine there was never dull moment. One of the many very fascinating people and artists I got to meet was the talented Pani Teresa Liana. She was kind enough to give me a personal tour of Boleslawiec, showing me all her favorite spots. She was talking about the school of ceramic (which is where Pani Teresa graduated from) and her passion of creating new decorations. Her inspirations for her work comes from another love, her garden. "You have to put lots of love and hard work to create beautiful garden." Teresa told me. She continued "You also have to plan ahead to see the results you are hoping for." Pani Teresa loves her city, Boleslawiec. It's full of culture and tradition. She is very happy to see how excited Surrounding Polish Pottery customers are about ceramics from Boleslawiec. Walking in Rynek on a beautiful August night at Ceramic Festival, Pani Teresa and I pasted by Kaola Studios' booth. This is where Pani Teresa brought the very talented artist, Andrzej Pachom, to my attention. He is the founder and the main artist of Kaola Studio. That night will always remind me of good times, good ice cream and the start of a great friendship.