From my back yard in Kentucky to Poland-Take me Home....


My name is Anna Krejci, Ania in Poland. I'm the founder and owner of Surroundings Polish Pottery.

I was born and raised in a Northern part of Poland. Always active with my community, proud of history and tradition. In 2000 my life brought me to Colorado Springs,CO where I meet my husband. After few years we moved to Louisville, KY. I loved it here from beginning. The hospitality of the people and the historical richness made me think more about my life in Poland and miss it greatly.

In beginning of 2014, Surroundings LLC open doors to historic renovations and interior design. This is where the fun begun. We opened  a front store on Frankfort Ave in Clifton and grew every day . With our collection of Polish Pottery expending quickly. We were fortunate to secure cute  historic shot gun house just across our original location. The excitement of moving to new location was huge. We loved our 1200sqf c.1900 building but with our love to Pottery from Poland which, always was the final touch in every kitchen remodel  came the change. No more time for interior design and custom pillows or furniture renovation etc. But I found my roots back! With our growing community all over USA through Facebook Live Sales, I connect with people who wanted to learn more about Polish culture, history and traditions. It filed void in my heart since I left my home, friends and family. To me it was never a business, it was an honor to share my heritage , knowledge and bring original items from Poland. I realized that what I want to show to rest of the world about Poland can't be supplied in USA. For the longest time I was saying that I do not want to be an importer of pottery. Well in beginning of 2018, I went to Poland for my first business trip. It was fun, heartwarming and made me so passionate I started to importing to  USA. I was fortunate enough to meet the best of the best in ceramic world of Boleslawiec! With friends in Louisville, Cheryl and Adrienne, I could focus on building my network in Poland while our shop in Louisville remained open. Today my company holds one of the biggest and most diverse collections of Polish Pottery with exclusive art. We have shapes, patterns and collections made exclusively for customers of Surroundings Polish Pottery. We gained extreme amounts of support from out growing customers all over USA and other countries. It give me so much motivation and inspiration that we decided we needed to move to bigger location.  I didn't wanted just any ordinary building. I wanted something historic. We found perfect one, an old wedding chapel . It represent  the perfect marriage of Polish-American culture.

As I'm writing this first blog, I can promise you most original and unique products from Poland with lots of love, passion and tradition to share with you and your families. Please follow us to hear more about our trips to Poland, artist we meet and art we bring back home. From my historic backyard in Kentucky to Poland -Take Me Home, where my heart is. Please sign for our newsletter and like and follow our Facebook page where we offer one of a kind Live Sales.

I like to share with you all a verse of my favorite Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz;"Miej serce I patrzaj w serce" which means; have heart and look into the heart.

Peace, Love and Polish Pottery,

Anna Krejci